monkey! (hogan) wrote,

second new year in NZ

beholding the entry of 2006 here was good cause its almost tradition in a way. i bottled some brew before we went to the shore to hang with marc and max. some others were there when we arrived, but they soon headed off to town. we hung out for a while and then set off to devonport to check out the fireworks from sky tower.

last year, i saw this display from the back of mini's car in the middle of town. so to see it from a vantage point well outside of town was refreshing. the strong winds on the beach were cold, but it was good to be with the people there.

we didnt stay out too long before coming back to marc's. then we just headed off for home. a quiet new year compaired to last year, but just as fun. i even sent my mom a text saying, "happy 2006 from new zealand!", since we like to do everything here in the future.
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