monkey! (hogan) wrote,

yeah! big day out 2006

in order of apperance... gerling, pluto, city newton bombers, the living end, sleater-kinney, the go! team, soulwax, kings of leon, shihad, franz ferdinand, iggy and the stooges, the white stripes. those are the bands that i saw part or all of. the tough part about an all-day music fest is choosing what bands to see. its extra tricky when there are seven stages. so i took part in what i thought would be good and it was. not as good as last years line-up (beastie boys and chemical brothers are tough to beat), but still pretty good. iggy pop was off da hook for his bit. makin sweet love to the amps on stage, wanking a microphone and crowd surfing were just some of the things that he did. damn sweet!

our flat is quite close to the venue (20 minute walk), so a group of friends either stayed thursday night or arrived friday morning for the journey. couldnt have asked for a better day, what with the puffy cloud spotted sky and brilliant sunshine all day long, it was great! grapefruits were thrown, it was that exciting.
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