monkey! (hogan) wrote,

sobriety tests = no joke

i was given quite a fright over the weekend as i drove home in the wee hours of saturday morning. after a some drinking over a 2 or 3 hour period, i was stopped at a random breath screening at the symonds st. on-ramp for the motorway home. heart racing, i spoke my name and address at the officer's hand-held device and failed. i then had to blow into a tube for a deeper probe of my blood/alcohol content. i blew and i failed for the adult level. at this point i am freaking out because i didnt know what was gonna happen to me. i think the officer figured i was ok to drive and was quite kind because she waited a few minutes and was gonna re-test me. i blew again and failed, but only failed the youth limit. since im over 20 i was good to go. SO FREAKIN LUCKY! kids, dont drink and drive :)
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