monkey! (hogan) wrote,

excess is excessive

this weekend past was to be for celebration of my birthday... since i worked the weekend of my birthday. elektrode was on sat the 18th and it was pretty much like last month. think theres a pic of mel and i that was captured, have to check though. marc and max checked it out, but they left maybe an hour after we arrived. paul was there, but he was sad and left before 1 or 2. karyn was there and she stayed out for a while, even though she was tired as hell. the night wasnt as hard as it coulda been, but it was ok. we wanted to go down the road a bit to this gig tony was at, but we couldnt get in.

i spoke to this lovely lesbian couple that had ment to check out elektrode, but got there when the small crowd had almost thinned to nothing. maria is prolly my age, from wisconsin, been here for about 18 months, came here to be with her gf who she met off the net. sounds familer. i forget her gf's name at the mo, cause i suck with names. karyn knows maria apparently, so we will prolly bump into them this weekend. its good to meet coo peeps.

i think our weekend to weekend merriment is starting to slip into a daily routine soon. i can feel it coming. i feel it would be best to isolate myself from this, as its too easy to go along with someone else who wants all the time. its fun, dont get me wrong, but cost and my well-being are more important to me at present.
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