monkey! (hogan) wrote,

quit taxing oscar

things are slowly getting put back right, but i know ive learned alot. we love and we hate, sometimes at the same time, but i like where its all at for the time being.

i submitted my two weeks notice at de fontain yesterday. ive only been there for a couple months, but it feels like forever. its just been to much to deal with when i have a full-time job that starts early every morning. i dont feel bad about it at all.

im trying to get my federal income taxes sorted. i have to get my actual w-2's from da states and i have to file an extra form. the form just lists my forign earned income. i figure i better be straight with the government so that i can save myself the trouble of something else later. better safe than sorry.

the 78th annual oscars were on last night. i have to say i wasnt impressed. i was surprised it was on the air here though. jon stewart seemed to make things a bit more akward than funny. sadness.
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