monkey! (hogan) wrote,

it is getting better

so we are still able to hold things together for the mo. neither of us really wants it to end, but at the same time, neither of us know how to get it to where we want it yet. spose it just takes time.

our friend tony is getting booted out of his flat tomorrow because his landlord hates him. thats not the real reason, but she's being a cunt none the less. we have offered him a room to stay in at our place until he gets things sorted. thats what mates do. a happy little flat with me in the smallest "room" (the weird little wardrobe/storage area for the master bedroom), tony in the spare room and melany in the big room. we commence with the restructuring and cleanup tonight. woo!

i just got back from sending off my 2005 federal tax forms. i cant wait to get that fat, $17 refund. yeah!

and finally, its important to remind myself that i am to start work at yet another location in the berkeley family. thursday april 6 will mark my transfer to the botney downs cinema. features include: work in a high-volume theatre, increased pay (only by a tiny bit) and increased work load. i guess thats ok since i should feel like im doing something rather than sitting around all day.

so all in all, it is getting better. just took freakin ages, but thats life for ya.
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