monkey! (hogan) wrote,

stop the presses?

so its only been what, 18? 19 years since i lasted posted? yeah, something like that. you'll notice that the posts stopped almost right after i transfered to the other theatre. that may be because i actually have heaps of shit to do other than sit on my ass all day and post to my journal.

in other news, the chapter that was THE GROTTO has seen its last page and the new chapter is about to be written. not that the next chapter is gonna be as exciting, but oh well. the worst part is that mel has already left the grotto to go back home. now i get to live with four strangers and have a little box of a room as my own. no more, no less. hopefully they will be easier to deal with than the canadian above.

this new place im gonna be living in is about 2km from work, which is good since i have no car. having the bus as my only transport is bad cause its $6 to get to town, $6 to get back and almost impossible to go visit mel when i want to. add to that the storage i have to rent every month cause our couch, fridge, washer/dryer, table and whatever else cant move with me cause i only have a tiny box of a room to call my own.

but theres no reason to bitch, this is how it is. sucks that melany isnt around all the time, but i get so happy when i see her, and shes happy to see me too. so thats good! just gotta get my shit together and do stuff that im interested in. things that make me happy, cause ive forgotten how to be interested in life. she was my life, in the way that she was always there. shes not around as much, so i have to find a way to fill the void. tricky.

crazy, five years since the towers went down. hmm.
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