monkey! (hogan) wrote,

first xmas in NZ

it was good to have an extra long weekend for christmas and not have to work over the holiday as well. it wasnt so good for melany, however. last thursday night she felt feverish and a bit weird overall. the next day she felt worse and it went on through xmas. seems she had some sort of hardcore bacterial infection in her small intestine. way more hardout than just a touch of food poisoning. shes only just starting to have relief from her painful symptoms. and because of all that she will have a muted new years eve.

but other than all that, things are peachy. we got some cool stuff for our flat from the rents, such as a cordless phone and sushi service. all in al a good time. just waiting on a box that my mom sent from the states. im thinkin its more stuff for the flat, but im not complaining :)
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