monkey! (hogan) wrote,

change on the homefront

much to melany's joy, we have a temporary flatmate at the grotto. a friend of a friend and someone we say "hey" to every now and then at the local metal bar. danny, originally from the UK, got booted from his last place and is crashing here for a bit while he finds someplace else. its pretty coo cause he is here for a one year exchange for his schooling in his 3rd year. for only being here six months, he does firedancing, travel and knows heaps of people. how inspiring. his dad just arrived (as in just a few min ago) from the uk for a wee visit. bitchin! the second job is good and the extra cash is nice to have. big day out is in two days and the pre-night party is at the grotto. me, being and idiot, forgot to request off work at de fontain, so im gonna be at the party late. but i will be on time for the pre-morning jam. the joys of work and social times. in other news, i got my new zealand drivers license about a week ago. im now entitled to drive here for the next 10 years. although i need to get a new one already because they put in my birthday wrong for here, but correct for the states. silly date formats.
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