monkey! (hogan) wrote,

that time of the year

another year of life completing makes way for a new one to begin. aint that grand. the 9th, which is today for me, marks such an occation. the second of such an even that has happened away from my home country. i dont really feel older, but i do find myself going through various mental states more often than when i was back home. i find i am on a quest to discover whats most important to me and where to go next in life. being away from what i have always known for this long is really making me question things. such as, im 27 now... shouldnt i be doing something that im going to be proud of at 28? at 29? at 30? back at 22 or 23, 30 didnt even exist. i know i have to get motivated for something now that its around the corner. im really missing home and the person i once was. i really want to go back, but i fear that ive been gone too long and all that ive known is gone. like ive lost touch with my past.
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