monkey! (hogan) wrote,

snowboarding on the mountain

after going with melany a few times to snow planet for a board, i finally got to go with her to the turoa ski field!  so damn good!  we went on saturday morning to meet up with her boarding mate, tony.  i was a bit on edge because i didnt think id be able to do any good, since im not as good as mel at boarding.  i quickly found that the open slopes were perfect because there is so much room to move and have a blast!  

tony brought his mate, rule (i wish i knew how to spell it the right way), and we all got along well.  we stayed at a backpackers in town and spoke with people from various places around the world.  there was a small group of ladies from malaysia (i think?) and rule is quite good with the language, so he and this girl got on quite nice.  well enough to get her number the morning we left, although he is already quite involved with his significant other :)

at any rate, it was an awesome trip and im so glad i got to go down.  we only went boarding the one day, because the montain was closed on sunday from weather.  shitty that its pretty much the close of the season, so its only the planet until next season.
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